About Us

Photo by João Guilherme de Carvalho
At Copa Cabana Port Chester, we are not just a vacation website or a silly song title that many of you may know and love. No, we are a website that posts about a  lot of different items – some of those having to do with copa canaba port chester and others that we just find interesting and want to share. It’s basically a little bit of paradise right here in your internet browser window. Doesn’t that sound nice? If you can’t take a vacation, why not enjoy some of the pretty views, just like the picture shown here on our about page. How nice would it be to be on that beach watching the sun set across the waves? As I’m writing this, I am imagining myself being there. Ok, enough! Back to blogging about seriously awesome things that can take you out of your personal reality and add you into the great wide world of the internet!